Pedestrian Hit By Vehicle on Peach Ave.

Officers responded to a vehicle vs. pedestrian crash at 7:33 this morning at the intersection of N. Peach Ave and E. Grant St. A 14 year-old Marshfield female was struck while crossing this intersection by a vehicle driven by a 51 year-old Marshfield woman. The pedestrian was transported to Marshfield Medical Center with non-life threatening injuries.

Police say general awareness and caution on the roads is appropriate for any circumstance. Light visibility, road conditions, and distractions are all factors that can contribute to a crash.

“It’s an unfortunate reminder of the degree of focus that is necessary when we live in a community to stay safe,” said Lt. Dennis Keffer.

Aspects of the traffic crash are still under investigation.

Police Report:
Unit 1 was traveling southbound on N. Peach Ave. and struck the pedestrian, who was walking in the marked crosswalk. Unit 3 was also traveling southbound on N. Peach Ave. near E. Grant St. and struck unit 1 in an attempt to maneuver away from the initial crash. Unit 1 driver stated that she didn’t see the pedestrian in the crosswalk until it was too late. Unit 1 stated that she applied her brakes, but her vehicle slid and she struck the pedestrian. She was later asked if the weather conditions were a factor and she stated that if the weather conditions were normal she believed she still would have struck the pedestrian.

Witness stated that she was traveling northbound on N. Peach Ave. near E. Grant St. and stopped at the crosswalk as she saw a pedestrian approaching. Pedestrian walked in the crosswalk past her vehicle as she was stopped. Witness stated that she observed a vehicle strike the pedestrian and she believed the road conditions were a factor. The driver of Unit 3 stated that he did not observe the crash between unit 1 and the pedestrian but he attempted to avoid unit 1 and struck it. The driver of Unit 3 stated that he picked up the pedestrian’s cell phone that was lying on the road. The pedestrian stated she had a difficult time recollecting the events. She stated that she had her phone in her pocket with earphones in her ears for music.