Partners Bank Offers 200 Years of Experience

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Believing that they were “Better Together,” Partners Bank brought over 200 years of combined experience after a merger last year between Heritage Bank and Stratford State Bank, both of which had functioned within their respective communities for a century.

Today, Partners Bank brings its banking tradition into a new era by serving Marshfield, Spencer and Stratford.

“As a community bank, our employees are most likely neighbors and friends of yours—people who have the same aspirations and dreams that you do,” said Marty Reinhart, CEO. “Our employees are board members in local non-profit organizations, involved in outreach to feed people who are hungry, and singing in a local church choir, to name just a few.”

As a small, local business, there’s a personable touch in all its interactions with clients – it’s possible to walk in and say hello to the bank’s president, for example. True to its new name, Partners Bank works in partnership with its community to build lasting and ongoing relationships and improve the quality of life for everyone.

Its size means many services come at little or no charge, and there aren’t department hurdles to overcome. “We are not a banking giant who thinks of you as an account number, has a call center in some distant place, and has no idea who you are,” said Reinhart. “We know your name, where you live, and we’re here to serve you and your family—however we can.”

Besides traditional banking, Partners Bank works to teach the value of saving money to kids through programs, help young couples on their first major home purchase and beyond as needs grow, and counsel older clients on keeping their money safe and producing a reasonable return on investment.

Partners Bank is also a resource for businesses, including farmers, to thrive in their endeavors. “We strive to be a trusted partner with our business and farming customers as they meet their daily challenges and look to expand for the future,” he said.

Find the nearest Partners Bank at 907 North Central Ave. in Marshfield; 201 West Clark St. in Spencer or 307 North Weber Ave. in Stratford.

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