Parks & Recreation Department Offices Prepare for Move to New Community Center

Casperson with blueprints of the new Parks & Recreation offices.

Parks & Recreations Offices to Reopen December 4 at New Location

Beginning November 27 and through December 1, Marshfield Parks & Recreation Department offices will be busy moving from City Hall (630 South Central) to their new location in the 2nd Street Community Center (211 E 2nd St). During this transition time, staff access to phone and email will be limited.

“We’re not going to be able to provide the customer service that we normally would,” said Director Justin Casperson. “We have to pack everything up and move it.”

Parks and Recreation staff are currently in the process of packing files, emptying desk drawers, and scanning/shredding old files. Though not a substantially larger space (approximately 200 more square feet), staff are eager to more easily serve the community at the new location.

“The benefit will be that we’re actually in a building that the public will be using,” said Casperson. “There is ease of access to inquire about an activity or an event in the community. Plus, it is in close proximity to the library. Seniors will be there, workforce development, and the museum in the basement.”

Casperson said that the biggest concern he’s heard about the new location pertains to parking, which has been a topic of discussion throughout the entire planning and construction process. He is confident, however, that the City did its best with the limited options provided, and actually believes his department is more accessible in the new facility.

“Right now, we’re a little bit disjointed from City Hall, being on an in between floor and with only one elevator reaching us. It’s a challenge for individuals to find our office,” he said. “In the new space, better accessibility to our community and customers will be a huge plus.”

“If you park here at City Hall, you’re actually probably parking further away because you have to walk across the lot and up the stairs. So it’s probably about the same,” he added.

Though some have expressed concern that special event parking might be challenging, there are a number of municipal lots in the area and free on-street parking.

Their new space is scheduled to reopen to the public on December 4.

“For any of your in-person needs, like paying a deposit on a rental or picking up a key or registering for a class, that will all take place at the Community Center, starting December 4,” said Casperson. “Office hours will remain the same: 8:00am-5:00pm, weekdays.”

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