Oriole Jelly Feeders Can Become Bird Death Traps in Heat

oriole feeder with grape jelly
oriole feeder with grape jelly

Monitor Jelly Feeders During Hot Weather

RHINELANDER, WI (OnFocus) – Wild Instincts rehab is encouraging those who have jelly feeders in their yard to monitor them closely during this hot weather, as the jelly can become like a glue trap in the heat.

“We hesitated to post this heartbreaking photo but the lesson is too important,” the rescue posted on Facebook, with a photo. “This jelly became a glue trap for this chickadee who died about 20 minutes after admission. If you are feeding jelly in your feeders for Orioles, please make sure the dish is small. Many feeders have poor design and use large dishes such as this one that came with the feeder.”

Though it may require more filling, the food stays fresher and animals do not get stuck in it.

“Better yet, water it down so it is a thick juice and not a paste at all,” they suggested. “Check and clean all bird feeders frequently, especially in this heat!”

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