My name is Bob McManus and I am running for Mayor of Marshfield.  I believe that my 6 years of experience as an Emergency Paramedic, 25 years as a Business Owner specific to Real Estate and Mortgage Finance, 5 years of Civic leadership roles, and my current occupation as Mortgage Lender with Forward Financial Bank gives me a very unique and fresh approach to the city leadership.

I grew up in California and moved here to Marshfield 6 years ago.  My wife Kara McManus is a native of Marshfield and we decided to move here to Marshfield to be close to her parents Don and Jane Anderson.  Kara and I have been married for 23 years.  We have 5 children, 3 of which have gone thru the Marshfield School System.

We have many challenges facing our great city.  Public Safety is a primary concern, our infrastructure, utilities, and our Roads.  We must also develop and improve our Downtown business district and good Economic Development balanced with proper financial management.  Being in finance, debt and spending are at the top of my radar. Strategic growth is needed, properly managed.

But first things first! We need to correct the communication issue we have right now.  And I do not mean the communication with the media, I mean the communication directly with the Mayor and the Citizens.  My commitment to you is that I will be accessible and visible.  I believe the communication should start with the Mayor having constant communication with local organizations at meetings with MACCI, Marshfield Young Professionals, The Rotary, Kiwanis, the Senior Center, Elks, Eagles, American legion, Knights of Columbus, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, United Way, and rebuild relationships with Marshfield School Board, Wood County Supervisors, just to name a few.   And more importantly then just being there speaking I promise you that I will listen to you and that YOUR VOICE COUNTS. We need to get back to the days when the People’s view meant something.  And with your vote….Those days will return.

On Tuesday February 20this the Primary Vote here in Marshfield and I am asking for your vote so that together we can begin Building a Brighter tomorrow.

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