Op-Ed: Missionaries to the Preborn Responds to Concerns Over Demonstration

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Editor’s Note: This is an op-ed from Missionaries to the Preborn in response to concerns over the anti-abortion demonstration held in mid-October. The article on this demonstration can be found here.

Liz Ablett Gosse has never seen anyone turn away from aborting their own child by looking at a picture of an aborted baby because she has never displayed a photograph of an aborted baby. I, however, have seen scores of women turn from aborting their children after seeing a picture of an aborted baby because I have taken time to show people the horrible reality of this bloodshed in our nation.

We have had 45 years of State-legal baby-murder in this nation and the American people need to see who is dying. The media has censored the preborn child from the “abortion debate,” and we are simply attempting to bypass that media blackout by going to the streets and showing the American people for themselves exactly what a preborn child murdered by abortion looks like.

We show these photos to inform our nation that it has violated God’s Law, and to call its people to repentance. Our photos stand as a haunting indictment upon our nation.

Our position is simple: Since the unjust killing of the preborn is public policy in America, their suffering should be publicly displayed. If something is so horrible that we cannot stand looking at it, perhaps we shouldn’t be tolerating it.

At the end of WWII, our American soldiers marched the citizens of Germany pass the remains of those who died in the death camps. They marched men, women, and children past the remains of those who died in the death camps. Why did they do it? Because those citizens all stood guilty for having tolerated the atrocities that went on in their midst. So it is in America today, we all stand guilty for being silent while this atrocity goes on in our nation.

May people be moved with compassion for the helpless preborn when they see these photographs and act to see this bloodshed outlawed. Otherwise, God will use His sword of justice and bring retribution upon a nation of people whose hands are covered with blood.

Separated unto the Gospel,
Pastor Matt Trewhella
Founder, Missionaries to the Preborn

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