Oostburg vs Watertown & Ashland vs Butternut: Most Unique Mascot Challenge

6 Oostburg Flying Dutchmen

If you are starting to notice a pattern here so are we, the City of Oostburg was primarily settled by the Dutch, and the town is named after the Dutch city of Oostburg. So it makes sense to have the Flying Dutchmen as your mascot.

7 Watertown Goslings

Watertown had a thriving business raising geese for and the Watertown Stuffed Goose was a delicacy on gourmet restaurant menus across the east coast.  The high school wanted to preserve the legacy of this industry and took the Gosling mascot. The earliest reference to students from Watertown being known as Goslings is believed to dates back to 1885.

2 Butternut Midgets

This mascot has come under some fire but the Midget is actually referring to Charlie Fischer who is a legend in Butternut who was a multiple-time world champion wrestler. He was given the nickname Midget because of his small stature.

3 Ashland Oredockers

Ashland and most of Northern Wisconsin has a deep history in mining, at one time Ashland had seven Oredocks that loaded iron ore onto ships that would take it across the great lakes. Ashland’s mascot takes the name of this part of their history.

The results from our first two Elite 8 Matchups


Steven Okonek
Author: Steven Okonek