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Pet Supplies Plus Explains Online Pet Pharmacy

MARSHFIELD, WI (OnFocus) – Pet owners in the Marshfield area now have access to another option for pet prescriptions. Pet Supplies Plus has partnered with Vetsource, a safe and secure pharmacy that acts as a virtual extension of your veterinary practice’s inventory.

“Whether flea and tick medication, heartworm treatment, prescription pet food, or something else that requires a vet authorization, after placing an order through Pet Supplies Plus, Vetsource will fulfill and deliver the order,” explained Kim Crawford, team leader at Pet Supplies Plus in Marshfield. “This is a convenient way for pet owners to access all of their pet prescription needs.”

As a human-grade institutional pharmacy, Vetsource is licensed and meets or exceeds the regulatory requirements in all 50 states. Also, in the past, the role of pharmacist in the veterinary world was almost nonexistent, which deprived vets of the ability to consult with a licensed professional that was afforded to their human physician counterparts. With Vetsource’s skilled team, veterinarians now have the ability to confer with experts in an unprecedented way.

“We’re happy to work with Vetsource because they have the experience and attention to detail that all pets deserve,” said Crawford. “They make it really convenient for our neighbors to access the prescriptions their pets need.”

Vetsource processes approximately 135,000 items per month, and their pharmacists are involved every step of the way — reviewing each prescription, following up with practices, checking the quantity and expiration date of each medication, and confirming it is for the appropriate species.

Pharmacy technicians support each pharmacist by performing dispensing tasks with an exceptional attention to detail. As a result, they are able to maintain an error rate of less than 1 in 20,000 items shipped, or .005%. By comparison, a 2003 study of 50 human pharmacies in 6 cities across the U.S. conducted by the Journal of the American Pharmaceutical Association revealed an error rate of 1.7% — 340 times higher than Vetsource’s pharmacy.

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