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MARSHFIELD, WI (OnFocus) – As members of this community, we at OnFocus hear a lot of awesome story ideas and are thankful to everyone who reaches out with tips and insight! Sometimes, we hear stories that don’t quite make a full news story, but warm our hearts and are worth sharing. We are going to periodically share stories like this because the world needs more happy stories!

In the last year, the Buy Local movement and importance of supporting those businesses in your neighborhood has been brought to the forefront. It is encouraging to see so many people choosing local restaurants and mom-and-pop shops for their everyday needs.

One local place that has stood out to us in the past year especially is Weiler’s Convenience Store. When it comes to supporting their local community, Weiler Convenience Stores go above and beyond in ways big and small.

Just this month, the Marshfield-based business helped a stranded motorist change a flat tire, drove a woman who locked her keys in her car back to get a spare, and checked on a regular that hadn’t shown up in a while.

These in and of themselves aren’t necessarily a comprehensive news story, but combining them all really showcases the power of choosing local! And these are just a few of the “little things” that make a big difference.

When asked why they care so much about this community, owner Kelly Weiler said this:

“This is our community. Our kids go to school here, our employees live here, and we love doing what we can to support the people here!”

With continual community growth comes increased challenges for these local businesses. We applaud all local business owners for their efforts and encourage everyone to choose local whenever possible!

Thank you, from Marshfield’s only locally-owned media outlet!

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