OnFocus Halls of Fame Spotlight: United States Figure Skating Hall of Fame


The  Skating Hall of Fame, both US and World, offers group tours:

School, youth and adult groups are encouraged to visit the Museum. Located within a short walk of the historic Broadmoor Hotel at the foot of Cheyenne Mountain, the Museum is pleased to welcome both small and large groups. Exploring the world’s largest collection of figure skating artifacts and skating films, complemented by lunch at the Broadmoor Hotel, is an ideal way for skating enthusiasts to spend a day in beautiful Colorado Springs.

Group experiences at the Museum may be designed to fit the particular needs or interests of the group. Please contact the Museum if your group is interested in a particular topic or skater. Teachers are encouraged to design one-of-a-kind field trips in consultation with Museum staff. The Museum staff is happy to work with teachers to help blend skating-related topics into classroom studies.

Please call 719.635.5200 ext 450 or email [email protected] for additional information on group tours.


World Figure Skating

Museum & Hall of Fame
20 First Street
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80906

Learn more about the US Figure Skating Hall of Fame HERE

U.S. Figure Skating Hall of Fame Members


Tenley Albright

Sherwin Badger*

Theresa Weld Blanchard*

Irving Brokaw*

Richard Button

Peggy Fleming

Jackson Haines*

Carol Heiss

David Jenkins

Hayes Alan Jenkins

Oscar Johnson*

Howard Nicholson*

Maribel Vinson Owen*

Eddie Shipstad*

A. Winsor Weld*


Henry M. Beatty*

Beatrix Loughran*

Heaton R. Robertson*


Nathaniel W. Niles*


Harold Hartshorne*

William O. Hickok IV*


George H. Browne*

Eugene Turner*


F. Ritter Shumway*


Scott Hamilton


Tai Babilonia & Randy Gardner

James Grogan*

Dorothy Hamill

Karol Kennedy* & Peter Kennedy

Ardelle Sanderson*

Judy Schwomeyer & James Sladky*

Charles Tickner

Lois Waring* & Michael McGean*

William Thayer Tutt*

Yvonne Sherman Tutt*


Richard Dwyer

Linda Fratianne

Harry N. Keighley*

Nancy Ludington Graham & Ronald Ludington*

John Nicks

Colleen O’Connor & Jim Millns

Walter S. Powell*

Ronnie Robertson*

Tim Wood


Carlo Fassi*

Janet Lynn

JoJo Starbuck & Kenneth Shelley

Roger F. Turner*

Maribel Y. Vinson Owen* & George E.B. Hill*


Cynthia Kauffman Marshall & Ronald Kauffman

Robin Lee*

Roy Shipstad*


Judy Blumberg & Michael Seibert

Brian Boitano

Frank Carroll

Joseph L. Serafine*

Jane Vaughn Sullivan*


Andree Anderson & Donald Jacoby*

Joan Tozzer Cave*

Mabel Fairbanks*

Frederick C. LeFevre*

Barbara Roles Williams

Benjamin T. Wright*


Tom Collins*

Oscar Iobst*

Evy* & Mary Scotvold

Kristi Yamaguchi


Caitlin and Peter Carruthers

John Misha Petkevich


Scott Ethan Allen

Gretchen Merrill*

Debi Thomas

Frank Zamboni*


Gary Visconti

Rosalynn Sumners

Don Laws*

Arthur Vaughn*


Elizabeth Punsalan & Jerod Swallow

Jill Trenary

Slavka Kohout Button

Margaretta Drake*


Skippy Baxter*

Chuck Foster

Doug Wilson

Elaine Zayak


Jill Watson & Peter Oppegard

Norma* & Wally Sahlin*

Hugh C. Graham, Jr.

Nancy Kerrigan


Mary Louise Wright*

Catherine Machado*



Charles M. Schulz *

Paul Wylie

Janet Gerhauser Carpenter


Charles DeMore*

Todd Eldredge


Sonya Klopfer Dunfield

Nancy Meiss*

Marjorie Parker Smith* & Joseph Savage*

Vera Wang


Sarah Hughes

Jenni Meno & Todd Sand

Robert Turk*


1961 U.S. World Team



Rhode Lee Michelson* 1961 U.S. bronze medalist

Laurence R. Owen* 1961 U.S. and North American champion, 1960 Olympic and World team member

Stephanie Westerfeld* 1961 U.S. silver medalist


Gregory Kelley* 1961 U.S. silver medalist, 1961 North American bronze medalist, 1960 World team member

Bradley Lord* 1961 U.S. champion, 1961 North American silver medalist, 1959 World team member

Douglas Ramsay* 1961 U.S. Championships fourth-place medalist


Ila Ray Hadley* and Ray Hadley, Jr.* 1960 Olympic and World team members, 1961 U.S. pairs silver medalists

Laurie Hickox* and William Hickox* 1961 U.S. pairs bronze medalists

Maribel Y. Owen* and Dudley S. Richards* 1960 Olympic team members, 1961 U.S. pairs champions, 1961 North American silver medalists

Ice Dancers

Dona Lee Carrier* and Roger Campbell* 1961 U.S. and North American silver medalists

Patricia Dineen* and Robert Dineen* 1961 U.S. bronze medalists

Diane C. Sherbloom* and Larry Pierce* 1961 U.S. champions


Linda Hadley* – Coach and mother to Ila Ray Hadley and Ray Hadley, Jr.

William Kipp* – Coach to Dona Lee Carrier and Roger Campbell, and Rhode Lee Michelson

Maribel Vinson Owen* – Coach and mother to daughters Laurence and Maribel Y. Owen, coach to Dudley Richards

Daniel C. Ryan* – Coach of Diane Sherbloom and Larry Pierce

Edi Scholdan* – Coach of Greg Kelley, Stephanie Westerfeld, and Laurie and William Hickox

William Swallender* – Coach of Doug Ramsay



Harold Hartshorne* – World judge

Edward LeMaire* – National judge

Deane E. McMinn* – Team manager, international and Olympic judge

Walter S. Powell* – International referee and member of the ISU Executive Committee



Ann Campbell* – Mother of Roger Campbell

Louise Hartshorne* – Wife of Harold Hartshorne

Nathalie Kelley* – Sister of Gregory Kelley

Richard LeMaire* – Son of Edward LeMaire

James Scholdan* – Son of Edi Scholdan

Sharon Westerfeld* – Sister of Stephanie Westerfeld


Michelle Kwan


Rudy Galindo

Lori Nichol


Albert Beard

Lynn Benson

Terry Kubicka


Anne Gerli*

Ricki Harris*

David Santee


Tanith Belbin & Ben Agosto

Sasha Cohen

Gustave F. Lussi*

Evan Lysacek


Peter Burrows*


Claire Ferguson

Kyoko Ina & John Zimmerman

Sarah Kawahara

Michael Weiss


Carol Fox and Richard Dalley

Timothy Goebel

Julie Lynn Holmes


Kathy Casey*

Meryl Davis & Charlie White

Kimmie Meissner


Johnny Weir

Sandy Lamb*

Gale Tanger


Lucy Joyce Brennan

Tiffany Chin

Vicki Korn*


Paul E. George

Maia & Alex Shibutani


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