OnFocus 1-4-2018

Happy New Year! I’m Branden Bodendorfer and you’re watching On Focus, where we recap the top local news stories from the past week.

#5 Emergency situations can be especially frightening to a child, so the Marshfield Fire & Rescue and Marshfield Police Departments have taken an extra step to be a friendly presence. Through a partnership with the REACH-A-CHILD, both departments can now offer children in crisis a REACH BAG, complete with 10 children’s books and 10 drawstring backpacks.

Marshfield Fire & Rescue Embraces Books to Help Calm Kids During Emergencies

#4 According to the official police report, officers were dispatched to 300 E 14th Street after a 37 year-old Marshfield man crashed into a house. Officers made contact with the man, who was still in the driver’s seat and had sustained injuries from the crash. As officers attempted to extract the subject, he made the statement, “I’m drunk.” He was transported to Marshfield Medical Center. This story serves as a great reminder to not get behind the wheel if you have been drinking! Let’s keep our community safe!

OWI Issued After SUV Crashes Into House on New Year’s Day

#3 Brr! Extremely cold weather has been a constant presence in Central Wisconsin! Avoiding frostbite and hypothermia involves careful preparation and precautions. Check out FOCUS for tips from the National Weather Service about how to be prepared for dangerously low temperatures. A reminder to keep pets inside, too. If it’s too cold for you, it’s too cold for Fido!

Cold Weather Safety for Pets & People

#2 Though never bored, Marshfield Fire & Rescue Department had an especially busy week during the Christmas holiday. Responsible not only for fire calls (of which there were two in the span of 32 hours), with the entire staff being critical care paramedics and EMT’s, they also respond to ambulance calls and assist with transports. Visit FOCUS for a breakdown of what 72 hours looked like in the life of a firefighter/paramedic over the holiday weekend.

72 Hours in the Life of a Marshfield Firefighter-Paramedic During the Holiday Weekend

And our number 1 story of the week. On Tuesday 12/26/17, Marshfield Officers responded an intoxicated 51 year old Marshfield male who may have been armed with a knife and made threats to harm himself. Upon locating the subject at a church, the subject fled in a vehicle after colliding with a squad. The subject led officers on a pursuit back to his own residence where he collided with his employment vehicle and was taken into custody.

Officers arrest subject, after vehicle chase

With a prevalence of public safety issues featured in this week’s news stories, we want to take a moment to thank the brave men and women who serve and protect our community at Marshfield Police Department and Marshfield Fire & Rescue Department. Thank you!

And thank YOU for tuning in. Check back next week for more On Focus news.

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