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Augusto Warren Basombrio



“GUS” (as his friends call him) was born in Chicago, Illinois, August 14, 1945.  He was adopted by Sallie Davis Basombrio of Oak Park, Illinois, and Augusto Basombrio of Lima, Peru. He spent all of his childhood in Lima.

In Lima he attended Roosevelt High School from kindergarten through the tenth grade.

For his junior and senior years, he returned to the States and attended Howe Military Academy in Indiana.  After graduating from the academy, he remained in the states to attend college.

He attended Monmouth College his freshman and sophomore years and Lakeland College his junior and senior years, graduating from Lakeland with his degree in Spanish and History.

Gus had other teaching offers, but once he taught at Loyal High School, he never thought of leaving.  He began his career there in 1969 and taught at Loyal through the 2001-2002 school year, retiring with his wife.

He met his wife, Sybil Ann Myers from Michigan, while both were teaching at Loyal, marrying her in 1972 in St. Alban’s Episcopal Church in Marshfield.

Although they never had any children, since the 70’s, Gus and Sybil, using the name KIRKWALL as their kennel name, bred, raised, and showed many Cairn Terriers.  They created many new champions, ranking 4 of them nationally  ( CH. Kirkwall’s Coca Cola #3, CH. Kirkwall’s Fresca #5, CH. Kirkwall’s Cherry Coke #3, CH. Kirkwall’s What A Stitch #3 and #7 all terriers).  Gus was very proud of that and that they had never hired a handler but had done it all themselves. He was still telling the doctors about that a week ago.

It almost goes without saying but deserves mention, that Gus was a man who consumed the news every day and had many a hardy debate (always inspiring others to think and learn) whether in the classroom, at home, or in the middle of the street.  He was always a TEACHER. His main athletic ability was to stretch your mind, bend your beliefs, and make you reach for the truth.

He also loved vehicles and kept any of them he ever owned in spotless condition.  He would have loved to race cars and watched many races on tv.  He will not see his Indy 500 from an ICU bed. He was a man who made friends easily, loved animals, and waited to plant his flowers in the spring. He was a rare man who spent hours waiting for Sybil to shop for clothes while gabbing with the clerks and then holding something when she came out of the dressing room, telling her to “go, try this on for me, please. It will look cute on you.”  Where do you find men like that?

There will be no funeral or services as Gus had requested and both had agreed upon.  At one typical moment, years ago, Gus said, “Please just put me into a Hefty bag and drop me into a hole in the backyard.”

Sybil reassured Gus during his 4-month battle with esophageal surgery complications and stay in ICU, that she would indeed respect his wishes for no public memorial.  Sybil stated, “Those who knew him, and most certainly I  will respect, love,  and remember this man forever, no need for a ceremony to do that.”

Augusto is survived by his wife Sybil Basombrio and their current Kirkwall “kids.”

This obituary would not be complete without thanking those who have supported us throughout all of this and are still doing so:  Dean and Kris Schweiger, especially; they kept me alive. Wendy Lindner, who took care of the dogs and made hospital visits possible at a moment’s notice.  Shannon Degenhardt who grocery shopped for me this winter and would often surprise me with something she had cooked.

Also many thanks to Gwen Landini for her numerous cards that were always shown and read to Gus and to all of those who sent cards and/or remembered us in their prayers.  I am thankful I live where I do; my neighbors are so kind and caring.  Thanks to my friend Bev Deanovich who gave me a place to stay and a daily ride to the hospital for a week when Gus was transferred to Froedtert in Milwaukee.

AND To all of you who have us in your heart, we thank you so very much.


“Vaya con Dios, Te amo mi esposo.”

Any memorial donations for Gus should be sent to Clark County Humane Society in Neillsville, WI.

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