Northside Computers Installs VoIP Systems to Help Local Users

As many businesses adjust to work-from-home setups, Northside Computers has been helping them establish efficient ways to manage business phone calls from anywhere. Setting up VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) systems is something Northside specializes in doing, and it can benefit both businesses and personal users.

“Basically anyone that makes or receives voice calls can benefit from VoIP,” said Jason Miller, owner. “It’s normally cheaper than a typical land line would cost and offers a way superior product.”

A normal incoming land line will only receive one call at a time, whereas a VoIP connection can be set up to receive as many as a user wants.

“A particular area of interest with our current state of affairs has been restaurants,” said Miller. “Customers attempting to call in a take out order will frequently get busy signals or voicemails during busy times. A restaurant with a VoIP set up could have numerous handsets and accept more than one incoming call at a time to increase their orders and revenue.”

By using a data connection to the make the phone call, there are other benefits to VoIP, such as the ability to use an App on a cell phone to call.

“Normally a business owner might not want to call a customer from their private cell phone, but with a VoIP connection, you can make that call and have it come from the business phone number,” explained Miller. “This also works in reverse – any call can easily be transferred to another number, such as a mobile phone of someone not in the office.”

Voicemails left can also be emailed, and transcribed, eliminating the time it takes to check voicemails.

“We offer a product through US Cellular called Crexendo,” said Miller. “It’s a full service VoIP system, with an overall cost on par with or below most land line connections. We’ve switched our store landlines to this product and it’s been great for out customers and our own productivity.”

To learn more about VoIP, contact Northside Computers at (715) 384-5125

Breanna Butler
Author: Breanna Butler

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