NFL nearing TV Rights Deals; $100 Billion at Stake

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Tampa Bay, FL (OnFocus) – Once the Super Bowl is done each year, the league looks to its off-season business. A major focus for the league is setting its salary cap number and finalizing its media rights.

Last year, the NFL salary cap was $198 million, and with the pandemic drastically reducing league revenue, the cap will greatly decline. The NFL is hoping it can finish determining its broadcasting rights shortly.

The league and the NFLPA have agreed on a 17 game schedule, but have yet to agree on how that will impact the season schedule.

Here’s what we know so far:

  • Fox and CBS will maintain their Sunday afternoon schedules
  • NBC will continue Sunday Night Football
  • DirectTV’s Sunday Ticket package may possibly be taken over by ESPN+
  • Disney has expressed interest in paying to be part of the Super Bowl broadcasting rotation
  • Thursday Night Football is currently held by Fox, but that arrangement ends in 2023. Amazon already has streaming rights to Thursday night football, and Amazon may take TNF over.

Rumors for the next rights deal:

  • $100 billion  – 10 years
  • $98 billion – 7 years
  • $96 billion – 8 years

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David Keech
Author: David Keech

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