Next Step Prosthetics Helps Patients Walk Again, Restores Hope

Spencer Native Offers Personalized Care to Manage Foot Pain

Marshfield, WI (OnFocus) Shyanne Harn, CP, BOCO, Cped, is no stranger to helping people. As a Certified Prosthetist Orthotist and Certified Pedorthist, his life’s work has been providing patients with solutions, comfort, and most of all: hope.

“Hope is #1! Many people that come in to see me have sadly lost hope. Without hope, all is lost! I greatly enjoy bringing that hope back to people,” he said. “When it comes to health care, people need to have choices and be able to have a say in their care. I offer a collaborative approach which allows us to work together and achieve the targeted goals. The devices people use need to be both functional and comfortable. I use the latest technologies to achieve this.”

Ten months ago, Harn opened his own practice, Next Step Prosthetics, on W. Upham in Marshfield, specializing in Prosthetics (artificial limb or digit), Orthotics (an artificial support or brace for the limbs or spine), and Pedorthics (Orthotics specifically related to the foot and ankle which can relieve pressure and pain).

Prior to this, he worked for Marshfield Clinic’s now-closed Orthotics department for several years. After the clinic chose to outsource this service, Harn realized that in order to use his unique approach and to maintain his relationship with current patients, he would open his own practice.

“This has been a goal of mine for many years, and the timing was perfect!” he said.

Harn takes a collaborative approach to care, helping patients with everything from managing foot pain to learning to walk again with a prosthesis. His focus is preventative care and working at length with patients to help them achieve the best results.

“When people are involved in their healthcare, their success rate is much greater. You have to take time with people,” he said. “There’s no such thing as spending too much time with people. Whatever the issue is that a person is presented with, it is the key issue for them. It might be a smaller issue for another person but for them it is THE issue. You have to respect that and treat it as such.”

Patients include diabetics, amputees, and those with back, leg, and foot pain such as plantar fasciitis. He has the skillset and equipment to make orthotics, prosthetics, insoles, and lifts himself – which means short wait times and personalized results.

Harn has helped patients regain advanced mobility and the ability to walk after years being confined to a wheelchair while trying to heal. He has also helped people with chronic pain and ailments. He credits his success to his faith, passion, drive, and education.

“Foot orthotics is a specialized field, which is why I chose the Roger M. Palmer Institute of Biomechanics for my pedorthic training,” he said. “God created our foot and ankle a certain way and it’s extremely complex. Whether an amputation or foot pain, it’s up to me to help manipulate the foot and ankle to offload pressure to relieve foot pain which helps people ambulate anatomically.”

A proud Spencer native, Harn understands and appreciates the local culture and can craft solutions targeted towards the needs of everyone from average citizens to the most active, including hunters, fishermen, and farmers, for example.

“I’m a local guy and I understand local needs,” he said. “I enjoy building relationships with my patients. They are important to me. I treat them as family.”

Always having had a passion to help people, Harn is excited to be able to assist even more with his own practice.

“I know what I expect from my healthcare providers and what my limitations were in the past,” said Harn. “Now, the sky is the limit!”

“Money is not my main focus, I would like to help as many people as possible,” he said. “Respect and trust are my goal, and to earn people’s business for a lifetime. I will try to offer the best solution possible, while being cost effective as well.”

Harn offers a free, no-obligation evaluation, with no prescription required for an evaluation. Learn more at

More About Shyanne Harn, CP, BOCO, CPed
Shy is a local to Central Wisconsin. He is a Spencer High School graduate and his wife, Crystal, is a Marshfield High School graduate.

Shy attended the University of Nebraska (Omaha) and earned a BS in Business Administration in 2002. While in Omaha, Shy volunteered on a ‘Big Brothers / Big Sisters Bowl for Kid’s Sake’ campaign which fulfilled Shy’s love for helping people. It was then that he realized that he would pursue a future that would involve helping others that have been portrayed as less fortunate.

When he returned to Wisconsin, Shy assisted a friend with starting a ‘prosthetic/orthotic central fabrication’ business in Marshfield which is when Shy was introduced to the prosthetic/orthotic profession. While fabricating custom devices is essential in the episode of care, Shy craved more… he wanted to meet the people that he was fabricating devices for.

Shy then attended Northwestern University’s (Chicago) Prosthetic Certificate program in 2008, the Roger M. Palmer Institute of Biomechanics for Pedorthic Education (Indianapolis) in 2009, and then earned a certificate in Orthotics in 2017.

Shy served patients for seven years at The Marshfield Clinic but he always dreamed of owning his own practice where he could lead a patient-centered culture focused on the outcomes that are directly related to the care of the patients that have chosen to work with him. With those foundational core values combined with his compassion, innovation, and experience, Shy’s vision is to become Central Wisconsin’s first choice for prosthetic, orthotic, and pedorthic care.

Shy truly enjoys central Wisconsin where he and his wife, Crystal, are raising their four children. They have a hobby farm south of Marshfield where they are very active in the school system and many sporting activities such as fishing, hunting, camping, hiking, swimming, boating, and skiing.