New Pick-up and Drop-off Procedures at Washington Elementary School


Washington Elementary School Drop Off & Pick Up Procedures for Drivers:

  1. Enter school property on 11th Street.
  2. ​Use East Lane to access Parent Parking in front (YELLOW). After parking, adults will use the cross walk to escort the ​​​​student to and from the front doors.
  3. Use West Lane to access drop off and pick up in front of school (ORANGE). Drivers will loop through the staff parking ​​​​lot to access the front area. Drivers cannot park in Fire Lanes. Drivers should not arrive before 2:30 for ​​​​​afternoon pick up unless child is in Early Childhood Program.
  4. ​Drivers exit school property onto Schmidt St.
  5. School Buses will drop off & pick up students in designated area on Schmidt St.
  6. ​Students arriving early for Breakfast will enter through the front doors. The West exit is for staff only and is no longer ​​​​a drop off area. Students arriving before 7:45 will be dropped off in front and use the sidewalk to get to the ​​​​playground.
  7. No parking in areas designated in RED.

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