New Fire Engine Responds to First Real Fire


Green Shift Responds to Fire at Masonite (Marshfield DoorSystems)

At about 9:20am this morning, Marshfield Fire & Rescue responded to a fire reported at Masonite Architectural (Marshfield DoorSystems). Some machinery had malfunctioned, causing a fire in their ductwork and piping, according to Deputy Chief Jon Lucareli.

“The fire was in the Steam Thru division and contained to the system,” added Chief Scott Owen. “Fire crews were on scene nearly four hours extinguishing the fire and making sure everything was rendered safe before allowing any Masonite employees back into the facility.”

The fire was difficult to reach, due to having to disassemble equipment to access the source of the fire, but the crew was able to respond efficiently and the fire was extinguished with help from the department’s new fire engine.

“It was the first time that I know of it being used with the waterway,” said Lucareli. “It did fantastic. No problems!”

Lucareli also credited the Fire & Rescue responders for their exemplary work.

The crew did fantastic. The fire was very hard to get to because it was inside of the ductwork,” he said. “Trying to find the seat of the fire was very hard. It took a lot of time, then it was basically just cooling everything off at a slow rate. We had to disassemble parts of their assembly.”

Masonite staff also helped the crew “immensely,” according to Lucareli. “They played a huge role. They actually took their own machine apart. We had to rely on their expertise.”

No one was hurt in the fire and Masonite was able to resume operations after a few hours.

“These are difficult fires to handle as they are in dust systems and these spaces are very tight making access more difficult,” added Owen. “Crews worked closely with facility maintenance and everything was handled the way it should have been. The department did a great job today containing the fire to the system of origin. That is not always the case when fighting fires at this facility but in this case it went very well.”

Photo Credit: Scott Owen

“Very proud of our crew this morning (Green Shift) – they responded to a fire at Masonite (aka Marshfield Door) and did a great job suppressing the fire and making sure everything was safe for the employees to return,” wrote Owen on Facebook. “This was the first fire our new Truck 1 was used at and it worked GREAT! Nobody was hurt, all of the employees were safe, maintenance at Masonite was awesome! Best of all – Everybody Goes Home! Great Job DC Jon Lucareli and crew!”

Photo Courtesy: Scott Owen
Photo Courtesy: Scott Owen
Photo Courtesy: Scott Owen
Photo Courtesy: Scott Owen
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