New Fire Truck Arrives in Marshfield

Marshfield Fire & Rescue Welcomes New Engine to Department

Last night, three members of the Marshfield Fire & Rescue Department arrived back from Lyons, South Dakota with the department’s newest fire truck.

At 47’ 8” long, 101” wide, and 11’ 9” tall, the new Rosenbauer Commander has a 400-gallon water tank and 20-gallon foam tank, and can pump 1500 gallons per minute. Its ladder extends to 101’ tall, the tallest of any of the department’s ladder trucks.

“We are extremely excited to get this new ladder truck for the City,” said Fire & Rescue Chief Scott Owen. “Our current ladder truck does not have a pump and therefore requires a fire engine to be dedicated to it if we need to flow water out of it. This new truck has a pump and is self-sufficient. We will be able to put the ladder truck into operation on a fire scene much quicker than we can with our current truck.”

With the department’s other ladder truck nearly 25 years-old and, as mentioned, not self-sufficient, this new ladder truck is a welcome and necessary addition.

“With the hospital, high-rise apartments, Masonite Architectural (Marshfield Door Systems) it is important that we have an aerial device that we can get up to high floors/areas if needed,” said Owen.

Stay tuned for more coverage of the new truck! Full video to come next week!

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