Neillsville Police Officer to Donate American Flags Around Neillsville for Fourth of July

Courtesy of the Neillsville Police Department Facebook Page.

NEILLSVILLE, WI (OnFocus) – A Neillsville Police Officer donated 40 American Flags to replace worn or tattered ones around Neillsville.

Patrolman Guyer of the Neillsville Police Department will be replacing American Flags at homes with a worn or faded flag outside. The remaining American Flags will be available for homes that don’t already have a flag outside.

He also donated 15 thin blue line flags to the community to show support for police forces. The donation comes on the brink of Independence Day where the American Flag is a symbol of the freedom America achieved in 1776.

The flags will be given away as a first come, first served basis. To get a flag, you can stop by to ask Patrolman Guyer for one on his patrol schedule on Wednesday, Friday or Saturday after 6 p.m. or call him at 715-743-3122.

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