Neillsville Boys Take Title at Home Invite

Neillsville took first place at its home invite on Wednesday.

Mens Varsity

1. Neillsville 122
2. Spencer 84
3. Greenwood 68.5
4. Loyal 58.5
5. Gilman 49
6. Granton 4

Mens Varsity 45 Meter Dash

1. 11 Dominic Franzen 5.99a PR Gilman
2. 12 Noah Schultz 6.09a PR Spencer
3. 11 Elliott Bauer 6.11a PR Spencer
4. 10 Landon Behselich 6.20a PR Spencer
5. 12 Ian Zoschke 6.23a Neillsville


Mens Varsity 200 Meters

1. 11 Dominic Franzen 33.00a Gilman
X 10 Johnathon Jonas 34.83a PR Spencer
2. 9 Parker Smith 36.03a PR Loyal
3. 9 Preston Farmer 36.09a PR Loyal
4. 11 Alex Gardner 36.46a PR Granton
5. 10 Quintin Franzen 36.74a PR Gilman
6. 9 Colter Dillenbeck 38.86a PR Neillsville

Mens Varsity 400 Meters

1. 9 Parker Smith 1:18.65a PR Loyal
2. 12 Ashtin Palms 1:18.93a PR Greenwood
X 10 Johnathon Jonas 1:18.98a Spencer
3. 11 Christian Thomas 1:20.76a PR Greenwood
4. 9 Levi Anderson 1:21.78a PR Spencer
5. 11 Malachai Anderson 1:27.93a PR Spencer
6. 12 Bo Bogdonovich 1:28.59a PR Loyal

Mens Varsity 800 Meters

1. 12 Taytor Lowry 2:09.53a Neillsville
2. 10 Connor Genteman 2:27.71a PR Loyal
3. 12 Avrey Horvath 2:40.16a SR Greenwood
4. 11 Hunter Ellis 3:07.18a PR Greenwood
5. 10 Devyn Schmidt 3:26.54a PR Spencer

Mens Varsity 1600 Meters

1. 10 Connor Genteman 5:22.55a PR Loyal
2. 12 Avrey Horvath 5:43.22a SR Greenwood
3. 9 Tim Yorgey 6:27.77a PR Spencer
4. 10 Cody Eckes 6:46.23a PR Greenwood
5. 11 Hunter Ellis 6:55.12a PR Greenwood
6. 10 Devyn Schmidt 7:16.59a PR Spencer

Mens Varsity 45m Hurdles

1. 10 Landon Kummer 7.82a PR Neillsville
2. 10 Ashten Schultz 8.10a PR Neillsville
3. 12 Ashtin Palms 8.17a PR Greenwood
4. 11 Christian Thomas 8.36a PR Greenwood

Mens Varsity 4×110 Yard Relay


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David Keech
Author: David Keech

David Keech is a math teacher in Wisconsin Rapids and public address announcer for Abbotsord High School. He officiates basketball, baseball, and softball in central Wisconsin. He has reported on amateur sports since 2011, known as 'KeechDaVoice.' David can be reached at [email protected]