‘Movember’ Mustache-Growing Campaign Raises Awareness for Men’s Health

Team members show off their mustaches. PreventionGenetics/FB

PreventionGenetics employees grew mustaches for a good cause last month for the Movember Foundation, a nonprofit which raises awareness and funds for men’s health. So far, $1,527 has been raised by 13 team members.

The Movember Foundation focuses on prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention. According to its website, men experience worse health than women long-term and die on average six years earlier. Prostate cancer rates are expected to double in the next 15 years and testicular cancer has already doubled in the last 50 years. Men also make up 75% of suicides.

Ben Bluhm, Director of Software Engineering, has participated in Movember for 5 years and spearheaded the campaign for his first year at PreventionGenetics, which in the past has supported causes such as breast cancer awareness, Rare Disease Day, and the United Way.

“When I put a feeler out for who was interested, I was shocked by the strong interest in looking a little awkward for a month. Tony Krentz was an excellent wingman and helped recruit a number of interested fellas,” said Bluhm.


Everyone started out with a fresh shave at the beginning of November.

“For some of our team members this was the first time their children had seen them without facial hair. The next painful part of the challenge is to shave everything (on our face), but the mustache for the rest of the month,” he said. “The end result is nothing short of amazing.”

The mustached faces acted as billboards for the cause. One female team member also joined in.

Additionally, a few decided to improve their own healthy habits by joining the Movember Move challenge to run 60 miles within the month, organizing group lunchtime runs and braving the cold weather to complete their goal.

The team page can be found at this link.

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