Mountain Goats the Newest Addition to Wildwood Zoo

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Marshfield — We are excited to announce a very special addition to our herd!

On November 10, the Wildwood Zoo welcomed a pair of mountain goat kids from Olympic National Park in Washington.

(Tiny) Tom and Ruby were transferred to Wildwood Zoo as the result of a cooperative project among The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, Northwest Trek Wildlife Park, Wildwood Park & Zoo, and several other participating zoos.

For several years, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife has been capturing mountain goats in the Olympic Range, where they are non-native, to relocate them to bolster depleted populations within their native Cascade Range.

Kids captured during the process have a significantly lower survival rate than juveniles and adults, so instead are placed in zoos such as ours.

Tom and Ruby can be seen enjoying their exhibit space in the rock pile pasture on the Zoo’s Upper Pond Drive. They are about 6 months old and the size of a medium dog.

The iconic mountain goat is probably most recognized by its striking white coat, gently swept black horns and white beard. Interestingly, they are not true goats but closely related.

They would more accurately be described as excellent climbers as mountain goats thrive in steep rocky habitat. They are most often found living above the tree line at elevations exceeding 13,000 feet; the largest mammal to inhabit such high altitudes.

Both males and females grow horns and beards, however each grows longer on males. Males are known as “billies”, females “nannies” and their young are called “kids”. Between 2,400 and 3,200 Mountain Goats are estimated to live in the state of Washington.

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