Mosinee Dominates Great Northern All Conference Football Team

The Mosinee Indians, after winning the GNC, dominated the All-Conference Awards.

Trevor Garski was named Offensive Player of the Year, Nolan Harris Defensive Player of the Year, and Craig Martens was named Coach of the Year

Mosinee also had 11 first-team selections, including two double unanimous picks Nolan Harris at both Offensive Line and Linebacker and Trevor Garski at Quarterback and Defensive Back. Mosinee also had three unanimous selections, Davin Stoffel at Wide Receiver, Wyatt Cherek at Defensive Line, and Walker Beyerl at Defensive Line. Mosinee also received 3 second-team honors and 4 honorable mentions.

Medford earned 6 first-team selections, including one double unanimous pick Brigham Kelly at Defensive End/Outside Linebacker and Tight End, and one unanimous selection Aiden Gardener at Running Back. Medford also received 1 second-team honor and 4 honorable mentions.

Rhinelander earned 8 first-team selections including one double unanimous pick Cayden Neri at Running Back and Punter, and three unanimous selections, AJ Bergman on the Defensive Line Chad Hunt at Linebacker, and Joe Fugel on the Offensive Line. Rhinelander also earned 5 second-team honors and 5 honorable mentions.

You can find the full list of GNC Football awards here.

Steven Okonek
Author: Steven Okonek