Mock Snowmobile Accident Preps Area First Responders for Tough Circumstances

Crews work on a crash victim at Monday night's mock accident. Photo courtesy of Pittsville Fire Company Facebook Page.

OnFocus – On Feb. 15, Vesper Fire hosted a mock snowmobile accident which called for over 10 first responders to locate and help “victims” of a snowmobile crash.

Just off the trail near the Vesper Snow Drifters trail, three “victims” were set to have crashed between two snowmobiles. Being that the incident was staged off the trail and away from roads, crews had to work and take alternative ways of travel out to the patients.

After a report was called in to Wood County Dispatch, EMS and fire crews had to locate the site of the crash and relay that information to responding emergency crews.

According to a Facebook post by the Pittsville Fire Company, “Agencies involved and or requested included Arpin Fire / EMR, Life Link Medical Transport, Pittsville Fire, Rudolph Fire / EMR, Vesper Fire (Our host), Vesper Snow Drifters, Wisconsin DNR, Wood County Dispatch, Wood County Sheriff, Wood County Sheriffs Rescue, WAOW TV 9, WSAW TV – 7 and UEMR.”

Crews worked through below-zero temperatures to rescue the victims and learn about the problems that can arise during snowmobile crashes. A debriefing session was held at Vesper Fire.

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