Minor Flooding Possible Due to Rain, Snow Melt

Snow will continue its slow retreat this week as temperatures breach the 40s. Rain is expected Tuesday evening with periodic light showers through Thursday evening.

The Street Division is proactively preparing for the water runoff by clearing storm catch basins obstructed by snow and ice and widening roads pressed in by snow.

“We have been actively going around and opening up catch basins in areas that we know have flooded in the past,” said Dean Schiller, Street Superintendent.

Minor flooding is possible, particularly in poor drainage areas. The snow melt is expected to stay in the street area and flow to catch basins.

“I don’t see any major issues this coming week,” said Schiller. “I think we’ve been proactive enough where we got a lot of stuff opened up.”

The water runoff will be monitored and dealt with as needed. Residents who notice standing water due to an obstructed storm catch basin can call the Street Division at 715-486-2081 to make them aware of the situation.

A Hazardous Weather Outlook has been issued this week for Wood County by the National Weather Service. Tuesday, rain may cause slick roads and sidewalk conditions as pavement may be below freezing. Snow melt and rain will cause rising rivers, streams and creeks with possible minor flooding Wednesday through Friday.

Kaylin S
Author: Kaylin S

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