Milwaukee Police Association Addresses Kenosha Shooting

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Submitted to OnFocus – Milwaukee Police Association issued a press release addressing the situation in Kenosha, WI:

“While the video in Kenosha, Wisconsin may show some troubling things, protesting must remain calm. It must be peaceful. The Milwaukee Police Association does not have any issues with peaceful protesting.

I am very disturbed by the comments that were made by Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers. Governor Evers appears to be pushing a narrative that completely disrespects law enforcement in our state. As the Governor of Wisconsin, his duty should be to collect all the details before pushing a false ideology. Governor Evers decided to make a statement, not based on facts, but based on hunches. Governor Evers has decided to let his opinions be known. Governor Evers does not know all of the facts. In fact, the MPA does not know all of the facts in this case. Let the investigators do their job and investigate. Let the facts come out before making a statement that a person has ‘been shot or injured or mercilessly killed at the hands of individuals in laws enforcement in our state’…

Politicians need to remain calm until everything comes out. By rushing to judgement, without knowing all of the facts, this will only fuel the cause of others to protest in a manner that isn’t peaceful. Reckless comments, without all of the facts, can only lead someone to a rush of judgment which will result in emotions taking over.”

– Milwaukee Police Association

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