Melting Snow Clogs City Culverts

Last week’s freezing temperatures turned to a thaw over the weekend, causing snow melt to clog culverts and flood ditches in certain areas to the brim.

City Street Department staff set to work scooping out the snow to make a clear passage for water flow on Monday.

The situation effects some areas more than others, but otherwise has not been a significant issue. “There are certain areas we know to check every year,” said Street Superintendent Dean Schiller.

Residents can help out by clearing out curbs and gutters to facilitate drainage and also work on their own residential culverts. Any assistance is appreciated by the department, but that doesn’t mean no help is available.

“If they’re not able to, by all means they can give us a call,” said Schiller. Contact the Street Department at 715-486-2081 for assistance.

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