Meet the Candidate for Alderman: Steve Mac Swain, District 5

Meet Steve Mac Swain, Candidate For District 5 Alderman

Your name: Steve Mac Swain

For which office are you running?: District 5

Where are you from?: I grew up on a dairy farm near Merrill, and graduated from Merrill HS and UW Stevens Point.

Where are you employed?: I am a retired teacher.

Why did you decide to run for local office?: My decision to run for office was made because Ed Wagner was stepping aside. Everyone I know was quite pleased with his service, so running wasn’t a matter of improving anything as much as it was a new opportunity. Ed called me to see if I would be willing to consider it. I met with him, and he was very convincing, indicating that he had really enjoyed doing it. He mentioned the many good people that he was working with in the city.

Why do you think you would be a good choice for this office?: I have a good understanding of the role of government in our lives. I appreciate the way our lives are positively impacted in ways that are often overlooked and taken for granted. As a teacher I needed to research, question, and evaluate, all very useful skills for this job. I also have the experience of budgeting, planning, committee work, and making decisions that affect people’s futures.

What do you like to do in your free time?: I enjoy working on and enjoying my yard. I like to read, walk, and work in my wood shop, although I am not particularly skilled at it. I am an owner of the Green Bay Packers, and generally enjoy sports.

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