Medford’s Gardner, Grunwald Earn POY Honors in GNC, Wilson Named Coach of the Year

Medford (OnFocus) – The Great Northern Conference released their All-Conference Football Teams, with Conference Champion Medford well represented on both sides of the ball.

Medford’s Aiden Gardner was selected as the GNC Offensive Player of the Year, and teammate Emett Grunwald was named the GNC Defensive Player of the Year.

Mosinee’s Drayton Lehman(WR), Cyle Kowalski(WR), and Michal Dul(QB, K) were named to the GNC First Team Offense.

Medford offensive linemen Joe Gierl and Brody Doberstein and Grunwald(RB) were also on the first team offense.

Gierl, Doberstein, Nate Retterath(DE/OLB), Peyton Kuhn(LB), Blaine Seidl(LB), and Colton Surek(DB) earned berths on the GNC First Team Defense.

Lehman(DB) and Dul(P) also were on the first team defense.

Medford Coach Ted Wilson was named the GNC Coach of the Year.

First Team
Player Position School Year
* Dylen Tutor OL Ashland 12
* Joe Gierl OL Medford 12
* Brody Doberstein OL Medford 12
Kirk Mathews OL Rhinelander 12
Joe Fugle OL Rhinelander 11
Travis Towne TE Rhinelander 12
* Drayton Lehman WR Mosinee 12
* Cyle Kowalski WR Mosinee 12
* Michal Dul QB Mosinee 12
* Aiden Gardner RB Medford 11
Emett Grunwald RB Medford 12
Carter Brown RB Ashland 12
Michal Dul K Mosinee 12
* = unanimous selection

Second Team
Player Position School Year
Brady Vandeweerd OL Antigo 12
Barron Lenz OL Lakeland 12
Dalton Krug OL Medford 12
Abe Miller OL Medford 12
Nolan Harris OL Mosinee 11
Colton Surek TE Medford 12
Cole Haack WR Hayward/LCO 12
Jackson Labs WR Rhinelander 12
Quinn Lamers QB Rhinelander 12
Dakota Matuszewski RB Antigo 12
Eric Albertus RB Lakeland 12
Cayden Neri RB Rhinelander 11
Cody Lustig K Ashland 12

First Team
Player Position School Year
* Joe Gierl DL Medford 12
* Brody Doberstein DL Medford 12
Ben Sinclair DL Rhinelander 12
Kirk Mathews DL Rhinelander 12
* Emett Grunwald DE/OLB Medford 12
Nate Retterath DE/OLB Medford 12
* Peyton Kuhn LB Medford 12
Blaine Seidl LB Medford 12
Chad Hunt LB Rhinelander 11
Kevon Powell DB Ashland 12
Colton Surek DB Medford 12
Drayton Lehman DB Mosinee 12
Jackson Labs DB Rhinelander 12
Michal Dul P Mosinee 12
* = unanimous selection

Second Team
Player Position School Year
Timmy Grubisic DL Ashland 12
Barron Lenz DL Lakeland 12
Nolan Harris DL Mosinee 11
Walker Beyerl DL Mosinee 11
Tyler Olson DE/OLB Rhinelander 12
Joe Fugle DE/OLB Rhinelander 11
Jared Stricker LB Ashland 12
Braden Stegmann LB Ashland 12
Will Kennedy LB Mosinee 12
Walker Hartman LB Rhinelander 12
Dane Cornelius DB Antigo 12
Alex Stank DB Antigo 12
Carson Church DB Medford 12
Quinn Lamers DB Rhinelander 12
Logan Baumgartner P Medford 10
Honorable Mention
Player Position School Year
Ben Tincher OL Antigo 12
Jacob Morgan OL Hayward/LCO 11
Zach Kriegel OL Merrill 12
Zach Muñoz OL Mosinee 12
Ben Sinclair OL Rhinelander 12
Alex Olson OL Rhinelander 12
Braden Stegmann TE Ashland 12
Kevon Powell WR Ashland 12
Victor Masayesva WR Lakeland 12
Logan Baumgartner QB Medford 10
Josh Heuss RB Antigo 12
Parker Goodreau RB Ashland 11
Caleb Olcikas RB Rhinelander 11
Wyatt Bathke DL Merrill 11
Cole Asp DE/OLB Hayward/LCO 12
Jerry Goselin DE/OLB Lakeland 10
Dylen Tutor LB Ashland 12
Ian Connell LB Hayward/LCO 12
River Nicklaus LB Lakeland 12
Davin Stoffel LB Mosinee 10
Jackson Bonneville DB Ashland 12
Eric Albertus DB Lakeland 12
Victor Masayesva DB Lakeland 12
Nate Doriot DB Medford 12
Tyler Kapitz DB Medford 12
Trevor Garski DB Mosinee 11
Conner Kolz P Antigo 11
Cody Lustig P Ashland 12

Offensive Player of the Year: Aiden Gardner Medford
Defensive Player of the Year: Emett Grunwald Medford
Coach of the Year: Ted Wilson Medford

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David Keech
Author: David Keech

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