McDonell, Fall Creek Win Team Titles at Loyal-Greenwood Cross Country Meet

The McDonell Macs Boys and Fall Creek Cricket Girls took the team championships in a wet Loyal-Greenwood Cross Country Invitational.

The McDonell Macs won the boy’s team event, with 32 points including the overall winner Dan Anderson with a time of 17:50.2. Neillsville-Granton came in second with 38 points.

Team Points
McDonell Central 32
Neillsville-Granton 38
Loyal-Greenwood 52
Owen-Withee 4 Finishers
Fall Creek 4 Finishers

Must have 5 finishers to qualify for team event.

Individual School Time
Dan Anderson McDonell 17:50.2
Taytor Lowry Neillsville-Granton 18:12.3
Skylar Drinka Neillsville-Granton 18:26.0
Avrey Horvath Loyal-Greenwood 18:57.9
Connor Genteman Loyal-Greenwood 19:05.6
Luke Newton McDonell 19:43.2
Eddie Mittermeyer McDonell 19:56.8
Jake Siegenthaler McDonell 20:35.9
Stewart Gundry Fall Creek 20:43.1
Landon Kummer Neillsville-Granton 20:47.4
Max Hauser McDonell 20:49.4
Zach Klapatauskas Neillsville-Granton 20:58.7
Kael Sanfelippo Fall Creek 21:17.7
Ashtin Palms Loyal-Greenwood 21:24.0
Cameron Feucht Neillsville-Granton 21:51.9

The girl’s meet was won by Fall Creek with 45 points. Loyal-Greenwood would finish second with 48 points, including the individual winner Savannah Schley with a time of 21:23.1

Team Points
Fall Creek 45
Loyal-Greenwood 48
McDonell 53
Neillsville-Granton 76
Owen-Withee 1 Finisher

Must have 5 finishers to qualify for team event.

Individual School Time
Savannah Schley Loyal-Greenwood 21:23.1
Jenna Anders Fall Creek 21:56.0
Ellie Eckes McDonell 23:19.5
Katie Kent Fall Creek 24:09.0
Ann David McDonell 24:23.6
Alison Dubiel Fall Creek 25:04.6
Rylan Lindner Loyal-Greenwood 25:04.6
Ashlee Piskow Neillsville-Granton 25:34.8
Kristin Strey Neillsville-Granton 25:49.2
Libny Castillo Neillsville-Granton 26:13.5
Leah Scherer Loyal-Greenwood 27:19.3
Christie Abbe McDonell 27:15.4
Aubre Robida Loyal-Greenwood 27:19.3
Elise Bormann McDonell 27:32.2
Evelyn Bergeron Fall Creek 27:32.2

Find the full results from the meet here.

Steven Okonek
Author: Steven Okonek