Mayor Gives Farewell Tour of City Hall

Chris Meyer Reflects on Third Grade City Hall Tours

Each May for the last ten years, Mayor Chris Meyer has given dozens of tours of City Hall to Marshfield third-grade students. As part of their curriculum, the third-graders learn about local history, with one of their field trips being to the heart of City government.

Meyer has often remarked that these tours are some of his favorite parts of being Mayor.

“”As I look back at my time as Mayor, certainly one of the highlights will always be these third-grade tours,” he said. “Third-graders are curious and open to learning, something we start to lose as we age. I’m always excited to engage with students who are excited about their community and learning (or sometimes teaching) more about it.”

Having decided not to seek another term as Mayor, Meyer is sad, very sad, about having concluded his 3rd grade tours.

“I’ve been Mayor for almost 10 years and missed very few tours in that time,” he said. “My first year as Mayor, my oldest daughter Brianna was in 3rd grade. She graduated this year. This year, my youngest son Tyler was in third grade, so I have been fortunate to have been able to give all four of my children their 3rd grade tour of City hall; that is a memory I will cherish.”

Meyer reminds that learning about local history is not limited to the 3rd grade.

“We have some incredible volunteers who have a passion for our community’s history,” he said. ”I encourage everyone to find some time to learn about our history.”

He suggests a tour of Upham Mansion or the Marshfield Museum (soon to return to the lower level of the community center), taking one of the walking tours of Marshfield’s historic districts, or visiting the Laird office at the Marshfield Clinic. Even just checking out one of the many local history books from the public library is a good way to learn more.

“You will be amazed at what you learn about our community,” he said.

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