Mayor Chris Meyer & Alderman Ed Wagner Honored

Mayor Meyer and Alderman Wagner Honored for Years of Service at Their Final Council Meeting

After ten years as Marshfield’s Mayor, Chris Meyer presided over his final City of Marshfield Common Council meeting last night. Meyer is Marshfield’s longest-serving Mayor (followed by Marilyn Hardacre, who served for eight years) and oversaw several major projects in the City, including the new Fire & Rescue building, new public library and community center, downtown development, and many more.

During a plaque presentation, Meyer commended City staff for all of their hard work during his tenure.

“The mayor certainly has a role in the community, breaking down barriers and paving the way, helping get things prioritized and moving forward, but that doesn’t happen without first and foremost the staff here in the City of Marshfield,” said Meyer. “We’ve got some amazing staff. Our department division heads, the people that work for them, are the ones who get this done.”

He also gave credit to the Council, stating, “No one can be mayor if they don’t have in some way rapport with the Common Council.”

Longtime Alderman and current Council President Ed Wagner also was serving at his final meeting. Wagner was elected in 2006 to represent the City’s 5th District.

“We’ve had an amazing relationship over the last ten years. I consider Ed my friend,” said Meyer. “Ed has been one of the few people I’ve worked with in the last ten years who absolutely has an undying passion for local leadership.”

“Since I’ve been in Marshfield, there have been some great things that we’ve done,” said Wagner. “I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed anything more than working in local government, because right here, right now, what we do, what we say in this chamber tonight, will probably affect a couple of hundred people, one way or another here in the city.”

Wagner was honored with a recognition plaque, presented to him by Meyer. Following Wagner’s plaque presentation, Meyer was honored with a recognition plaque presented by Wagner. See the video, originally aired on MCTV!


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