Mayor Bob McManus Removed from Office

Marshfield Mayor Removed from Office

Marshfield (OnFocus) – Marshfield Mayor Bob McManus was removed from office for misconduct on an 8-2 vote with Aldermen Rosandich and Feirer voting no.

James Kalny, Special Council for the City from Davis & Kuelphau Law Offices in Green Bay, explained the rationale for the removal:

“The 8 people are in agreement on the following: The Mayor deleted texts and should have known that he should not have deleted those texts; the mayor was misleading concerning the texts, changing the reasons for withholding the text from Steve Barg; the mayor tried to blame a staff member (Matt Sutton) based on Bargs’s account of their discussion regarding the text messages. The eight people who voted for this believe that was inefficacy in government and misconduct according under the statute. And the impact on staff and loss of trust, along with the exposure in the amount of time it took to respond to the public records request, merits removal from office.”

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