Matching Donation Surprise Kicks Off Marshfield Area Empty Bowls

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Marshfield Area Empty Bowls Returns Saturday, March 13

OnFocus – After last year’s Marshfield Area Empty Bowls event was cancelled, this year the event is happening drive-thru style on Saturday. Even better, the event is seeing early donations thanks to the generosity of the community.

On Thursday, an anonymous donor stopped by Weiler’s Convenience Store (a longtime supporter of Empty Bowls and SOS) and donated $100 towards the Empty Bowls fundraiser because she wouldn’t be able to attend the event. Shortly after seeing the post about the donation on the Empty Bowls Facebook page, another donor came forward to match that donation.

Then, another donation arrived! Empty Bowls wrote on Facebook:

“Another person, who wishes to remain anonymous, just wrote us saying he wants to match the original $100 donation also!! That’s amazing!! We are so grateful and hopeful to keep the ball rolling!!”

Next, someone anonymously matched the previous $300 donation, for a total of $600 in just a few hours on Thursday. Then, early Friday morning two more individuals contributed $100 to match the original donation, along with other miscellaneous donations.

“It’s incredible how one act of kindness kicked off this chain of giving and now we have $920 towards this amazing cause,” said Trisha Mayer, Weiler’s manager and Empty Bowls committee member. “We are grateful to live in such a supportive community and can’t wait to see everyone at the drive-thru event tomorrow!”

Soup or Socks is a clothes closet and food pantry and is a volunteer organization dedicated to providing clothing and/or food, at no charge, for those in need in the greater Marshfield area. (Donate early to Soup or Socks with the Venmo app! @SouporSocks, or visit Weiler’s north Central location!)

Trisha Mayer, Weiler’s

Along with the Empty Bowls event, Soup or Socks has helped families get through the pandemic with ample food supplies. During the first 11 weeks of the pandemic, Soup or Socks had been giving away over 100 boxes a week of emergency food supplies. In total, around 1,300 boxes were distributed and around 4,000 people were fed.

Empty Bowls will take place on March 13 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Hotel Marshfield. You may purchase either pints ($10) or quarts ($15). For more information, head to the Marshfield Area Empty Bowls Facebook Page. (Donate to Soup or Socks with the Venmo app! @SouporSocks)

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