Marshfield Wastewater Utility Reacts to Heavy Storms

Utility Well Equipped to Handle Storms and Rainfall

Crews have been working through the night at Marshfield Wastewater Utility after storms and heavy rainfall. The worst rainfalls took place between 3:00 and 3:30am, and 4:00 and 4:30am.

“Totally, we got around 3.8 inches of rain, which is not necessarily that much,” explained Superintendent Sam Warp, Jr, adding that the intensity is what made this rainfall particularly challenging.

“We had over ½ inch within 15 minutes at one point,” he said. “This plant was designed to handle that kind of rain.”

Using special software, Warp and his team are able to remotely monitor all equipment and rainfall data to make sure the plant is operating within limits. Typically the plant handles 3.1 million gallons per day. During yesterday’s storm, incoming data peaked at 10 million gallons.

Along with monitoring the digital data, crews physically inspected all aspects of the lift station today to make sure that everything was running effectively. Warp is confident that, despite the challenges of the storm, the plant won’t have any issue meeting its required levels.

“Just looking at the sample, we will meet our numbers,” he said. “It kept up very good last night.”

If residents have any questions or would like to schedule a tour of the wastewater facility, call 715-486-2007.


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