Marshfield Utilities Presents PILOT Payment to City

Marshfield Utilities Makes Impact

Marshfield Communicates OnFocus: Marshfield Utilities made their annual presentation to the city as they make their PILOT payment.

PILOT stands for Payment In Lieu Of Taxes and is the money the Utility pays the city each year as its sole shareholder.

During the presentation, the Utility laid out their impact on the City of Marshfield. The first part featured the supplies and resources they buy in Marshfield, which for 2017 came to about $2.3 million. This amount does not include the PILOT payment.

The Utility also talked about the $134,000 they save customers annually by being a Municipal Utility over an Investor-Owned Utility.

The presentation ended with the presentation of the PILOT Payment for the 2017 year. This year’s total payment to the city was $2.166 Million, with it breaking down to $1.6 Million from the Electric Utility, $658,000 from the Water Utility, and $223,000 overall dividend payments.

The dividends are designated for funding the Economic Development Board, while the two larger payments go into the city’s general fund.

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