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Focus on Energy Program Dedicated to Wisconsin Energy Conservation

Dedicated to eliminating energy waste in Wisconsin, Focus on Energy (FOE) is a statewide program that offers several benefits to participating utilities and their customers – including Marshfield Utilities (MU).

Funded by investor-owned energy utilities and participating municipal and electric cooperative utilities, Focus on Energy empowers the people and businesses of Wisconsin to make smart energy decisions with enduring economic benefits.

“MU used to provide its own energy efficient incentive programs. As a standalone not-for-profit utility, those funds were limited, and were depleted rapidly,” said James Benson, MU. “MU joined FOE in 2009. FOE partners with utilities across Wisconsin to help residents and businesses initiate conservation efforts. This is done by pooling resources and creating incentive based programs. The FOE programs have been very advantageous to MU and its customers.”

Last year, Marshfield residents were some of the 113,400 homeowners and 5,900 businesses that participated in the FOE program. The 616.7 million kilowatt hours and 26 million therms saved by FOE in 2016 could power nearly 49,000 homes for one year. Furthermore, every $1.00 invested in FOE projects gives $3.00 in benefits back to the state.

By participating, homeowners and renters save energy and money through energy-efficient improvements.

Some current programs include:
o $35 for your old fridge or freezer
o Free energy saving products delivered directly to your doorstep
o Upgrades to approved furnace and A/C systems may be eligible for incentives
o Instant discounts and information on lighting options available at local retailers
o $75 cash incentive for qualifying smart thermostats

Not only do homeowners benefit, renters are able to request a free home energy audit conducted by MU’s Energy & Water Conservation Coordinator, James Benson, and are also eligible to receive the free energy saving products. Landlords of properties can also request kits with the multi-family program which sends a complete kit for each unit.

“The FOE program provides homeowners, rentals, farms, schools, businesses, and multi-families an opportunity to save energy and money through energy efficient improvements,” said Benson. “These improvements create jobs, strengthen Wisconsin’s economy, and conserves natural resources.”

Marshfield Utilities customers can visit to select a kit for their home or rental unit (with landlord’s permission).

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