Marshfield Utilities Issues Hydrant Clearing Challenge

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OnFocus – A winter storm means that fire hydrants can end up buried underneath a pile of snow.

Marshfield Utilities undertakes the task of clearing the snow around fire hydrants in the city. Citizens with a fire hydrant nearby can also help keep it accessible by clearing a perimeter of 3 feet around it with a clear-away zone to the street, or contact Marshfield Utilities if they notice one that is covered.

In an effort to make shoveling hydrants more fun, Marshfield Utilities issued a “Hydrant Hunt” challenge.

“After yesterday’s big snowfall, we are putting out a challenge to help hunt and dig out the hydrants around Marshfield!” Marshfield Utilities posted on Facebook.

It is easy to participate:

-FIRST: Find a hydrant that needs shoveling, remember to have parents get permission if it is on someone’s personal property.

-SECOND: Shovel 3 feet on each side of the hydrant and all the way to the road.

-THIRD: Snap a picture of the shoveling crew with the cleared hydrant and post in the comments of this Facebook post! We will draw randomly for prizes from all of the entries! Prizes will be MACCI gift certificates which can be spent right here in our community.

-FOURTH: Always remember to be safe! Bundle up, take breaks, have parents help, and stay out of roadways!

Happy Hydrant Hunting!!!

Keeping hydrants clear is important, especially after a big snow event when many become buried.

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