Marshfield United Way Moves Into New Home

MARSHFIELD, WI (OnFocus) – The Marshfield Area United Way will be ushering in their next chapter as they moved into a new building on Sept. 9.

The new building will be located at 612 W. Blodgett St. in Marshfield and allows the group to cease rent payments for office space. Traditionally, Marshfield Area United Way had been renting out an office space but a generous donation allowed them to purchase a home that they can use without rent payments.

According to the Marshfield Area United Way website, the home was owned by the (Nancy) Heckel family. Nancy’s family fulfilled her wish in leaving a legacy by donating the family home to a community organization where it could benefit the Marshfield community and its residents for years to come.

Marshfield Area United Way Executive Director Ashley Winch said the building will help reallocate funds to programs and other initiatives.

“The money we will save on rent allows us to put thousands of dollars toward programming and services every year that would otherwise have been used for office space,” Winch said. “The new building also has a lot of space, making it a great home for our NOW program.”

The non-profit has contributed tens of millions of dollars to the community via programs and volunteer work over the course of its 75-year history.

Marshfield Area United Way is currently working on several programs to help the community:

On top of these eight programs, the Marshfield Area United Way also supports 12 partner programs in the Marshfield area.

Winch said the having the ability to carry about programs benefits the whole community.

“These programs are doing important and inspiring work for people of all ages and walks-of-life, right here in the Marshfield area,” Winch said. “Having the resources to allow them to continue their work benefits the community as whole.”

Winch said even with the generous donation of the building, there are ways the community can still help the organization bring programming and events to the Marshfield area.

“Though we are saving a good amount of money by not paying rent, we still need the continued support of the community,” Winch said. “United Way relies solely on private donations. Our annual fundraising campaign has just begun. We ask the community to come together to support their neighbors and friends by making a contribution. No donation is too small.”

Donations can be dropped off or mailed to 612 W. Blodgett Street. Online donations can be made securely through our website at

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