Marshfield School District Reveals Scheduling Plans for 2021-2022 School Year

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Marshfield High School Schedule Plans for 2021-2022

OnFocus – In an April 30 letter to parents, Marshfield School District outlined plans for the Marshfield High School’s 2021-2022 school year.

In February, the Marshfield School Board approved an Odd/Even schedule similar to what the district is current using through the end of this year.

“For the past six years, a committee has been looking into new scheduling options that would replace the nine (9) Bell Schedule that has been used for nearly 30 years, MHS Administration stated. “One of the main reasons in considering a different schedule was due to the current Core Resource Center (CRC). This CRC was designed to give students additional help in English, Math, Science, and Social Science.

However, the way the schedule works, staffing of the CRC does not allow most students a chance to see their respective teachers. This new schedule will provide all staff, not just core instructors, the opportunity to work with their students on a more regular basis for enrichment and/or remediation, outside of their regularly scheduled class time. It also will allow students some flexibility to reach out to their teachers.”

The letter outlined other benefits addressed by teachers from the 12 academic departments include, including the following:

  • Longer class periods will allow more time for differentiation and personalized learning.
    Courses such as Capstone, Art, and Physical Education now have longer blocks of time with less set-up and takedown time that cuts into instruction.
  • Science classes have more time for deeper inquiry.
  • Students are not faced with meeting up to (8) teachers in any given day with excessive summative exams.
  • The maximum amount of time for hallway transitions will be reduced from 70 minutes per day during instructional time down to 30 minutes, adding instructional minutes to the school year.
  • Compared to the traditional (9) Bell Schedule, instructional minutes per class on a 180-day school year will increase by 225 minutes.
  • The newly created flex options will allow staff to call in students needing additional help and offer students opportunities to see teachers they would like to see.

More details will be released to the student body later this spring on how the district plans to use flex time to benefit both teachers and students. The district will also not have snow days, rather those will become virtual learning days. A 100% virtual option will also be available. Read the full letter here.

For more information, please reach out to school administration.

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