Marshfield Ranks High in Safety in Wisconsin

Marshfield, WI (OnFocus) Marshfield again ranks high in safety compared to its neighbors, according to another ranking site.

Using recent FBI crime statistics, ranked the safest cities in Wisconsin and the state’s placement in the nation.

Filtering out populations of less than 10,000, the top five safest cities in order were Cedarburg, a Milwaukee suburb, and Monroe, Grafton, New Berlin, and Mequon.

Out of 81 ranked cities, Marshfield placed 12th, above Plover (38), Stevens Point (42), Wausau (61), Wisconsin Rapids (68). It ranked 5th for cities with populations of over 18,000 people.

“Despite the high ranking we received by, we will continue striving to improve,” said Police Chief Rick Gramza. “Our vision reads ‘in pursuit of policing excellence,’ and excellence is often defined by law enforcement as the community perception regarding our performance, as well as the level of support and service perceived by our citizens and visitors.”

The state has the 13th lowest property crime rate and 22nd lowest violent crime rate. Additionally, safety results from 45 of its cities indicated crime rates lower than the national averages.

“We will never arrest crime away, but we can hold criminals accountable while being compassionate towards them in an effort to help them learn from their mistakes and become better citizens themselves,” said Gramza. “It becomes a choice of self-improvement through accountability or through arrest and incarceration.”

Marshfield was ranked earlier this year by and placed 32 out of 79 ranked cities.

Marshfield Ranks Above Neighboring Cities for Safety

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