Marshfield Police Reports – May 11-18


May 11:
A man came to the department to report suspicious phone contact and potential scam attempt. He had connected to an unknown alleged female on the dating app Chat & Date. Soon after texting, the alleged female, sent the man nude photos without prompting in which he told the person to not do so as he believed she was a minor. The person also tried to convince him to send nude photos which he did not do. The next day he received numerous calls from a number and a text message claiming it was a Detective Michael Long and respond or have a warrant. He did call the number and was told the situation could be resolved somehow with the alleged girls father involved. Upon officer calling the number a voicemail message says “Detective Michael Long, Private Investigation Bureau of Wisconsin Rapids.”, which does not exist. The man was advised to block all numbers with this dating app, close his account, and be mindful of communicating with unknown people. Wisconsin Rapids PD was informed of the number. Since this report the suspect number is now disconnected.

May 12: During the arrest of a 23 year-old Marshfield male, a white rock-like substance, later testing positive for methamphetamine, was found on his person. The 23 year-old was transported to the Wood County Jail. Charges of possession of methamphetamine, are being requested through the Wood County District Attorney’s Office.

May 13: Officers investigated a retail theft at the listed location involving a 36-year-old Wisconsin Rapids male. The male was contacted and ultimately arrested. The male was later transported to Wood County Jail for a probation violation. Charges are being requested through the Marathon County District Attorney’s Office for possession of methamphetamine, bail jumping, and retail theft.

May 14: A man reported that her dog, a black male chihuahua, was attacked by the neighbor’s dog, a black male border collie. No injuries were observed on the chihuahua, but the owner claimed the dog’s ribs were injured. Contact was made with the neighbor, a 39- year-old Marshfield male, who was issued a written warning for allow dog to run at large.

May 15: An anonymous complainant reported a noise complaint on Harrison Street. Upon arrival, officers observed drug paraphernalia next to a 45 year-old Marshfield female and a 17 year-old Marshfield female. This adult female was subsequently arrested and transported to Wood County Jail for felony bail jumping, possession of THC and possession of drug paraphernalia.

A 27 year-old Stratford woman was found to be illegally in possession of a Schedule IV narcotic during a medical emergency. She was transported to MMC where she checked herself out against medical advice. After being interviewed, she was released on her own recognizance. A request for charges will be sent to the Marathon County D.A.’s office for possession of a schedule IV narcotic.

A man reported his roommate threatened to kick him out because of his alcoholism. His roommate had cleaned puke up from the man and was seeking solutions to the man’s behavior. This did not meet domestic violence criteria as originally dispatched. Officers mediated the situation and both parties stayed at the address.

Complainant reported a dog bite involving his 6-year-old daughter. Contact was made with the dog owner and she was issued a written warning for allow dog to run at large. Rabies Control Report Number 464 was completed.

A man reported he left his cane in a yard on Walnut Ave. He retrieved a free stroller from that yard and was unable to carry the stroller and the cane on his bicycle. He stated when he came back for the cane it was gone. Officer spoke to the homeowner and she said she had no knowledge of the cane’s whereabouts. A neighbor was spoken to, and he did not see anything. There are no cameras in the area. No suspects.

Wood County Dispatch received numerous 911 phone calls from a 39-year-old Marshfield male, who was unclear on what he needed assistance with. Officers arrived on scene and heard yelling and banging within the room. Officers forced entry into the room under emergency medical aid, the male retreated and barricaded himself within the bathroom with a metal rod. The male ultimately exited the bathroom and displayed signs of excited delirium and/or controlled substance usage. The male was transported to MMC.

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