Marshfield Police Reports – August 15 to August 25

marshfield police reports

August 15 –

A landlord reported that her ex-tenant, a 61 y/o Marshfield female severely damaged the interior of an apartment. The insurance company is requesting a formal police documentation for insurance purposes. Contact was made with Wood County District Attorney’s Office and due to certain circumstances, charges will not be requested on the female.

A 40 y/o Marshfield female was caught concealing various items at Fleet Farm within her purse. The female exited the store and last point of sale with the concealed items, without rendering payment. Contact was made with the female via telephone who did agree to meet with an officer on 8/17/2022.

A suspected 53 y/o Wood County male purchased a trailer jack and approximately 3 weeks later came to return the item. The item returned and enclosed within the box was clearly a defective, 10+ year old rusty trailer jack. Phone contact was attempted with the male but unsuccessful. Report will be forwarded to the detective bureau for their assistance in locating the male.

A woman reported fraudulent purchases. One purchase was conducted online, therefore Simplicity was unable to provide further information on the transaction. The second purchase appeared to be done in person at the Pharmacy with her Debit Card information. Simplicity has refunded complainant the disputed amount, changed her account and Walmart Loss Prevention will be looking into the transaction surveillance footage.

Woman reported someone took her eye glasses chain without permission. She stated she won the chain from a Bingo game at Marshfield Health Services. She stated her glasses with the chain were on her table and when she retrieved her glasses the chain was missing. Staff searched her room but were unable to locate the chain. No known suspects.

A woman reported her 17 y/o daughter was inappropriately touched while at work. As a result of the investigation a 49 y/o Stratford female was issued a disorderly conduct citation.

August 16 –

As a result of a traffic stop, a 49 year-old Stratford male was taken into custody for OWi 5th and Felony Bail Jumping. The male was transported to the Wood County Jail. A request for charges is being forwarded to the Wood County District Attorney’s Office.

August 17 –

A local business contacted police after their inventory count was off. On-scene video was reviewed that confirmed a 47 year A old Marshfield female concealed items in her purse and left the business without any attempt to pay. Charges for retail theft and bail jumping will be submitted to the Wood County D.A. office.

August 18 –

A man contacted police stating he is actively involved in a disturbance on N Weber and a 32 year old female was not allowing him to leave his residence. After investigation, the man was arrested for Domestic/Disorderly Conduct. He was later transported to Wood County Jail.

Officers were dispatched to Fleet Farm for a retail theft. Officers made contact with the suspect who was with a store loss prevention employee. During contact with the suspect officers searched him and located brass knuckles concealed on his person. The man was cited and released as probation and parole did not place a hold on him. Charges are being requested through the Wood County DA.

Complainant stated that her neighbor, a 42 year old Marshfield female, had ordered $45.51 worth of food from Dominos to be delivered to her address without being paid for. Domino’s kept the order as she was not willing to pay for it. A phone number was gathered from the receipt which matched the neighbor’s phone number on file. Contact was made with the female and she was warned for her behavior.

August 19 –

A property protection check was conducted on N Cedar. Officers observed the women’s restroom to be damaged. The soap and paper towel dispensers were both broken off the wall and laying on the floor. The bag of soap was in the toilet, and there was water on the floor. There are no known suspects at this time. Photos were taken and a report will be forwarded to Marshfield Parks and Recreation.

A woman reported that she received a text message and two calls from her husband, a 43 year old Spencer man. She stated he is to have no contact with her for 72 hours due to a domestic that occurred in Clark County. Attempts to locate and arrest the man were unsuccessful. A request for charges will be forwarded to the Wood County DA’s Office R A for the no contact violation and two counts of bail jumping. The subject was in Clark County Jail for additional charges.

Loss prevention reported a retail theft at Walmart. The female was taken into custody for retail theft and obstructing, then released. Follow up will be done with Walmart LP reference multiple other recent thefts. Charges will then be forwarded to the Marathon County DA.

A man reported damage to a vending machine on S Central Ave. Video footage was obtained of an individual breaking a piece of the machine and taking items from inside. Contact was made with a 27-year-old Stratford female regarding the complaint. As a result, a request for charges is being forwarded to the Wood County District Attorney’s Office.

August 20 –

An employee at Bread & Butter observed a 13 year-old Marshfield female steal money from a cash register and leave the store. Video footage of the incident was obtained. A juvenile referral is being forwarded to Human Services.

August 25 –

A 73 year old Marshfield female entered Fleet Farm and took items past the last point of payment and was stopped by Loss Prevention. Contact was made with the female and she was taken into custody for Retail Theft, Bail Jumping, and two valid Wood County warrants. The female was transported to Wood County Jail.

August 26 –

A traffic stop was conducted on a vehicle in the City of Marshfield. During the stop Officer Fox and K-9 Rika arrived to assist. Once they arrived the 25 year-old male driver handed over suspected marijuana. The male was arrested for Possession of THC and Drug Paraphernalia. The male was booked at the Marshfield Police Department and was ultimately released. A Request for Charges will be forwarded to the Wood County District Attorney’s Office.

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