Marshfield Police Release Lip Sync Challenge Video

Department Joined by WSAW News Channel 7 Meteorology Team

The highly anticipated Marshfield Police Department Lip Sync Challenge video is here! After being challenged by Abbotsford-Colby Police Department earlier this month, MPD staff began brainstorming an epic response to the challenge.

As the creative mind behind the endeavor, Lieutenant Dennis Keffer scripted and storyboarded the production, which features multiple locations, a handful of weather-related songs, and a funny back-and-forth with WSAW’s News Channel 7 Meteorology team, with which they’ve had a friendly social media rivalry.

“We’ve made some jokes about your forecasts and you’ve made some jokes about donuts, but now we need your help,” Keffer tells WSAW’s Mark Holley in the piece.

Each member of the WSAW team then envisions an idea for the lip sync challenge, which includes Little Big Town’s “Tornado” performed by Ordinance Officer Kayla Wolf; The Weather Girls’ “It’s Raining Men” performed by Officers Kelly Carolfi and Christine Giacomino and WSAW’s Emily Skye; and “Blame it on the Rain” by Millie Vanilli, featuring Ordinance Officer Bob Larsen and Officer Rochley Gross, with special appearances by Landon Kramer, Anthony Klein, Matt Berres, and Jared Beauchamp.

Police Chief Rick Gramza and Assistant Chief Pat Zeps, as well as Keffer himself, make an appearance.

Local media company TriMedia assisted with videography, with scenes set at WSAW studios, Wenzel Family Plaza, and Marshfield Police Department.

The Marshfield Police Department Accepts ‘Lip Sync Challenge’

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