Marshfield Police Pull Over Festival Foods Parade Vehicle at Mayor’s Breakfast, Bond Posted with Doughnuts

Marshfield Police Department/FB

Marshfield, WI (OnFocus) The Marshfield Police Department pulled over Festival Food’s new parade vehicle at the Mayor’s Breakfast Friday morning for being “overweight with a cheese curd delivery.”

The lighthearted post was shared to the police department Facebook page along with an announcement that the offender had posted bond with two dozen doughnuts.

“Thankfully our bakery team makes fantastic doughnuts. They work as well as currency!” said Marty Chy, store director.

Marshfield Police Department/FB

The mini semi trailer was available for viewing at the breakfast, of which Festival Foods is a main sponsor.

“It’s pretty funny looking at a little tiny truck up against the giant fire trucks and police emergency vehicles,” said Chy. “People really seem drawn to it because it’s so unique.”

The police department put the “bond” to good use by paying it forward to Marshfield High School’s track team before they headed to state.

“I love how our police department has a great sense of humor and reaches out to the community. For a job that often deals with things that aren’t so fun, it’s just amazing to see the heart and humor that they all bring to the job everyday,” said Chy. “We enjoy playing with them on this kind of stuff, and just seeing them out there smiling and having fun, because they definitely deserve it.”

The Festival Foods mini semi trailer will make its debut at the Dairyfest parade on Saturday at 11 a.m.

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