Marshfield Police Department Investigating Reported Abduction Attempt

Marshfield, WI (OnFocus) – Marshfield Police Department is beginning an investigation after being made aware of a Facebook post regarding an allegation of an attempted abduction in the parking lot of an area store.

Originally, MPD was not able to investigate or substantiate the post, which is why they are reaching out to the original posting party.

“We were NOT CONTACTED to investigate this matter or any similar matter recently at that location. Thus, we are in NO position to substantiate or not substantiate the concern as it is presented. We are in touch with store staff to see if THEY have any information to substantiate the concern. They are looking into it.” they posted originally.

“Our message at this time would be for people exercise their normal degree of diligence and to report any concerning behavior they witness to their local police so any concern can be investigated,” they posted.

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