Marshfield Police Chief Cleared After Unfounded Allegations

Marshfield (OnFocus) – After going on voluntary leave late last week, Marshfield Police Chief Rick Gramza is expected to be back at work on Thursday.

Statement from City Administrator Steve Barg:

Recently an outside agency initiated a criminal investigation involving a more than decade-old allegation of criminal misconduct involving Police Chief Rick Gramza. On Wednesday, July 15, 2020, the same day that the City was apprised of this investigation, Chief Gramza voluntarily placed himself on administrative leave after being notified by the City. Chief Gramza made this sound professional decision without being apprised of the nature of the allegation of wrongdoing.

On Tuesday, July 21, 2020, the City learned from the criminal investigators that this allegation has been investigated, it is unfounded, and the investigation revealed no evidence of criminal wrongdoing by Chief Gramza. Chief Gramza voluntarily cooperated during the criminal investigation and demonstrated professionalism throughout the process. The criminal investigation is closed. In the spirit of openness and fairness to Chief Gramza, the City will request the criminal investigating reports when the reports are completed.

According to Marshfield Police & Fire Commission President Randy Gershman, “I am grateful that Chief Gramza conducted himself with professionalism and as a law enforcement executive should when faced with exceptionally challenging circumstances. Chief Gramza has worked hard for the betterment of law enforcement service for the City of Marshfield. Chief Gramza is a strong and dedicated leader, and I am confident this matter will not distract him from his continued efforts, and this matter will certainly not affect the support we have for his continued efforts for the advancement of law enforcement services for our community. I am glad that Chief Gramza will be back at work and leading this Police Department. I am also grateful to Assistant Chief Pat Zeps for the difficult responsibilities he undertook with professionalism and commitment during this challenging period.”

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