Marshfield Officer’s Quick Action Saves Life of 2-Month-Old

Marshfield, WI (OnFocus) A Marshfield police officer is credited with saving a child’s life after the two-month-old was reported to be in cardiac arrest and not breathing early Thursday morning.

Officer Kelly Carolfi was nearby when the call came and responded. While enroute, she confirmed with Dispatch that CPR had been started on the child. On arrival, she saw the mother holding the child and not conducting CPR.

Straight away, Carolfi placed the child on the floor and began rubbing her chest. The child began crying, and shortly afterward appeared to again have stopped breathing and became unresponsive.

The officer began chest compressions using two fingers. In a few seconds, the child became responsive and breathed normally until the Marshfield ambulance crew arrived and took over the scene.

“Officer Carolfi responded without hesitation and rendered aid without delay,” the department stated. “She remained calm and composed during a chaotic situation and her actions were heroic. Well done!”

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