Marshfield Mountain Bike Club Competes in State Championship

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This weekend, 19 members of the Marshfield Mountain Bike Club joined over 850 riders from across the state as they competed in the State Championship race held at Trek Headquarters in Waterloo.

The race day started out extremely muddy and the Marshfield Middle School riders experienced slippery conditions. As the sun came out, the trails began to dry out and lap times decreased.

For the season, the Marshfield Mountain Bike Club finished in 8th place as a team in the Division 1 category. Lauren Maki (JV3) and Payton Smith (JV2) both ended up in fifth place overall in their respective race divisions. The coaches would also like to congratulate the graduating seniors: Hoyt Hall, Lucas Hoheisel, Ben Lawyer, and Alex Montalvo.

If you are interested in learning more about the Marshfield Mountain Bike Club, contact the coaches through their Facebook page:

Full Race Results:
6th Grade Boys: Hudson Tompkins – 13th Place
Jagger Zimmermann – 34th Place

7th Grade Boys:
Christian Berg – 20th Place
Dylan Kohl – 24th Place
Aaron Hansen – 44th Place
Reed Shrader – 64th Place

8th Grade Boys:
Henry Hilbelink – 34th Place
Carlos Koehn – 75th Place
Alex Montalvo – 113th Place

Division 1 JV2 Boys:
Payton Smith – 6th Place
Kason Neinast – 31st Place
Lucas Hoheisel – 34th Place
Brayden Fischer – 36th Place
Ian Sennholz – 46th Place
Matt Begotka – 50th Place
Corbin Krueger – 61st Place

Division 1 JV3 Boys:
Ben Lawyer – 16th Place
Mason Gustafson – 17th Place

JV3 Girls:
Lauren Maki – 9th Place

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