Marshfield Medical Center Ribbon Cutting

“WE DID IT” – Dr. Susan Turney

MARSHFIELD – A ribbon cutting ceremony and community celebration was held 4-7 p.m. Wednesday, July 12, at Marshfield Medical Center.

“This has been a long journey for the Marshfield Hospital, but is now complete,”said Ned Wolf, Chief Administrative Officer. “The wonderful journey that we really want to embark on has just begun.”

Also expressing thanks was Dr. Susan Turney, Chief Executive Officer for Marshfield Clinic Health System.

“The last three years have made me so happy being part of the transformation in healthcare,” said Turney. “We couldn’t have done it without our community, without the people that work here and the support of our family and friends. Because this was a 24/7 job for the last three years.”

Community member and business owner Ken Heiman also spoke at the event, praising the efforts of those involved.

“The administration here now knows that you do not make the community a promise that you don’t live up to, and so that’s what’s important,” said Heiman. “We never promise the patients anything, the employees anything, the doctors or anyone else, that we cannot deliver. This administration is being challenged, as you know, because all of us that are in business know, at some point in your life, you put all the chips on the table, it’s either now or never. They just did this.”




For 100 years, Marshfield Clinic has been a leader in providing high quality health care, research, and education. The addition of the Marshfield hospital allows MCHS to provide the full continuum of care, the opportunity to enhance patient experience, and the ability to better control patient costs.

MCHS also operates Lakeview Medical Center in Rice Lake and co-sponsors Flambeau Hospital in Park Falls with Ministry Health Care. Construction of a cancer center and hospital in Eau Claire is underway and MCHS is pursuing hospital opportunities in Minocqua and Ladysmith.

Photos: Don Nystrom

9. Ned Wolf, Chief Administrative Officer, Marshfield Medical Center

8. WSAW News Channel 7

7. Ribbon Cutting Marshfield Medical Center

6. Dr. Narayana Murali, Executive Director Marshfield Clinic and President/CEO Marshfield Clinic Health System Hospitals, Inc.

5. Chris Meyer, Mayor City of Marshfield

4. Ken Heiman, Community Member

3. Mark Bugher, Chair, Marshfield Clinic Health System Board of Directors

2. Dr. Susan Turney, Chief Executive Officer, Marshfield Clinic Health System

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